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Maple sheet

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    Maple Leaf is a recognizable investment coin with a traditional Canadian symbol. Made of gold of the highest sample - 0.9999 (24 carats), mined exclusively in Canada. The face value of the copy is 50 Canadian dollars. On one side of the coin is the profile of Queen Elizabeth II, and on the other - the very sheet of maple. The coin is quite in demand among investors due to its high quality, liquidity and increased security. In 2015, a small sheet of maple was applied on the reverse of the coin using laser microgravity, and radial lines appeared on the background. It is extremely difficult to fake such elements.


    The golden Maple Leaf was released by the Canadian Mint in 1979. The manufacture of Canadian investment assets began during the ban on the South African Krugerrand. Then the demand for gold among private investors steadily increased, and South African coins that fell under sanctions simply could not satisfy it. Many states took advantage of this situation, starting to issue their own coins for sale.

    Initially, gold of the 995th sample was used for minting, but over time the quality of the metal has increased, having achieved the highest degree of purity today. Since 1988, silver Maple Sheets and platinum have been produced. And since 2005, palladium copies have been on sale. Visually, the coin has not changed since the first issue. Traditionally, only a portrait of Elizabeth II was updated. This happens about once every 10-12 years. The last time the update took place in 2015, it was timed to coincide with the anniversary of Her Majesty's reign.


    Investing in Maple Leaf is profitable, so many investors consider the purchase of this coin a very promising investment. You can buy Canadian banknotes in silver and gold in our online store. We guarantee 100% quality and authenticity of each instance from the catalog.

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