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    American Bison (Buffalo) - US gold and silver investment coins. The minting of copies began in 2006. For production, high-grade precious metals are used: 999.9 gold and 999/1000 silver.

    On the obverse of the coin is minted the profile of an Indian in a national headdress with feathers, and on the reverse - a bison. The design reflects the traditions and values ​ ​ of the North American continent, as well as represents freedom. The denomination of the currency is $50.


    The American Bison owes its appearance to the desire of the US government to compete with the mints of other countries producing products from gold of the highest standard. Previously, such coins were not minted in America, so investors preferred to invest in investment assets of other states.

    By law, only precious metals minted in America can be used to mint Buffalo. As a prototype of the coin, a 1913 copper-nickel copy was used, the creator of which was the outstanding American sculptor James Earl Fraser.

    At one time, he worked as an assistant to Augustus Saint-Gaudin, the author of the famous Double Eagle, which today is considered one of the most expensive coins in the world.

    The American Bison has high liquidity, as it is supported by the United States government. Selling such a coin at a good price will be easy.


    If you choose to buy a Bison, take a close look at the seller's choice. Since this coin is popular and expensive, forgeries can often be found. Often on sale are not original copies, but gilded "dummies." To be 100% sure of the quality of the purchased product, it is better to contact proven dealers.

    In the online store KALITA.GOLD, the quality of each copy from the catalog is officially confirmed. We not only sell investment coins, but also redeem them at market value.